Challenges in Current Staking & Restaking Ecosystems

Complexity and Accessibility

The complexity of current staking and restaking mechanisms is undeniable, especially for newcomers to the DeFi space. This complexity creates a high barrier to entry, limiting participation to those with advanced knowledge.

Risk and Diversification

Traditional staking and restaking methods often expose users to significant risks, including market volatility and lack of diversification. These risks discourage potential participants and limit the growth of the staking & restaking ecosystems.

Integration and Interoperability

The lack of seamless integration and interoperability among various blockchain networks and staking & restaking platforms remains a challenge, hindering the efficiency and effectiveness of investment strategies.

Market fragmentation

The current market is abundant with numerous staking and restaking protocols, each with unique features, fee structures, and APYs. Unfortunately, no single platform effectively aggregates this information, turning user selection into a very difficult task.

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