Liquid Derivative De-risking protocol & User-defined Strategy

Multiple LST/LRT providers will be accepted at the base of the protocol. All of these protocols have their own APY, unique liquid tokens, and reward systems. The basis of the protocol is that derisking your staked and/or re-staked ETH is hard by doing it manually, so instead of this, an aggregation system is proposed. Users can deposit ETH (or accepted derivatives) into a specific strategy. This process is liquid as users return a token representing the amount deposited and linked to their strategy (or an already existing one). The token can accrue rewards from both LSTs and LRTs depending on the specific strategy used in an investment.

Every deposit will be able to have its own strategy of aggregation from a pool of supported staking and re-staking protocols. Depending on the token you deposit, the protocol will stake or re-stake your ETH, LST, or LRTs. The strategy definition will let you select proportionate protocol staking.

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