whyETH - Semi-fungible ERC20-compliant token

whyETH is a tokenized asset that encapsulates ETH as long as any eventual rewards are redeemable given its underlying strategy. It is designed to offer flexibility by allowing users to trade, use it as collateral, or integrate it into DeFi protocols, which might not be possible with directly staked ETH. whyETH enables holders to potentially earn rewards from various yield-generating strategies, including ETH base, LST, LRT, and Superfluid staking yields. It acts as a semi-fungible token that is ERC20 compliant, so it can be used in other DeFi protocols, such as lending or liquidity pools. This compatibility ensures that whyETH can be widely used in lending protocols, which can serve as collateral or an interest-earning asset, and liquidity pools within decentralized exchanges (DEXs), offering liquidity and earning potential trading fees for providers.

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