Strategy Manager

The strategy manager of the LYS protocol coordinates the supported protocols and their underlying utility. Depending on the functionality of specific protocols, the strategies can be classified into the following:

Stake Strategies

These are your core strategies. The goal is to convert deposited assets into liquid staking derivatives. How this is achieved will depend on the specific liquid staking protocols LYS has integrated (e.g., Lido, RocketPool). These staked assets generate staking rewards on the Ethereum network.

Re-stake Strategies

These go a step further, specifically addressing rewards earned from staking. Depending on the liquid staking protocol, re-stake strategies might involve interacting with markets to potentially use rewards to acquire more of the primary LST, compounding returns.

Superfluid Staking Strategies

Superfluid staking is a concept tied to EigenLayer, an upcoming middleware solution for Ethereum. These strategies are future-focused for:

  • Specific LPs: They would leverage liquidity pools involving ETH (ETH/USDC) or ETH-denominated derivatives.

  • Enhanced Rewards: The appeal of Superfluid staking is potentially boosted staking rewards and added security/decentralization for Ethereum.

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